August 26, 2008


We returned from Indiana Sunday night having had such an incredible weekend. Even despite the big accident I endured, from which I still recover and will likely take several weeks to be 100%, we had a blast. Thursday morning when we flew out, I figured the weekend might be awkward. We were both grumpy and things hadn't been amazing lately, but by the time we were in flight and I was browsing celeb smut magazines and a Cooking Light and Craig napped a little, we both began to feel better. It was like the flight bestowed a bright light upon us. When we landed in Indianapolis, we struggled through a strange rental car experience, wound up in a Kia and traveled to Bloomington to see my best college friend Jen. Unique to me and Jen, meaning, this is exactly something we would do...she and her new son Jay showed up at Yogi's and found a seat inside, while Craig and I must have arrived moments later only to land a table in the outdoor area. Craig and I sat there for approximately 40 minutes while we waited for Jen, while Jen sat inside for roughly the same time waiting for us. Finally, after an appetizer and two large pitchers of Diet Coke, Craig suggested that I head inside to just check if Jen might be in there. Sure enough, I swung open the glass door and Jen sat in my line of sight. She lifted a hand to wave and laugh and that was all I needed to know that she had been in there as long as we had been outside! We are too alike, it's great. The reunion with her was awesome - she is hysterical, and had us in stitches almost the whole time we were there. Craig adores her, despite her IU infatuation!*After spending time at Yogi's, we walked to the house where Jen and I lived together. Above pictured is the porch swing where Jen and I spent thousands of hours laughing at Lifetime Movie "plots" and discussing my poetry classes and her student teaching experiences and my Walnut Highway travels (private joke)...and giggling over Angie, our third roommate who sucked and hated us. Jen and I spent countless times meeting on that swing to get our heads back in line, figuring things out. I love her - she is my very best friend!!*Once Jay became a little sleepy and ready to go home, Craig and I traveled to Indianapolis, to Noblesville, to be exact, to see Kara, Ben and Brady. They were awaiting our arrival and Ben was ready to grill some filets and Kara had vegetables ready to grill, corn ready to steam and lemonade ready to serve. It was nice to see their new's huge, probably more real estate than Craig and I will ever desire, mainly because of the lack of ability to fill rooms! But we liked what we saw - they've got great possibilities. We spent a nice evening with them, chatting and eating and I fed Brady green beans and chicken bites and some sweet potatoes which he wore on his nose the rest of the night! We watched some Olympics, which I won't forget primarily because that night Kara and I laughed over the weird runner who dove over the line to win a bronze (I think bronze) and none of us could figure out how that was even fair, or legit. And we all went to bed pretty early because we are old now! And because Kara and Ben had to work the next day.*I will continue as soon as I have more time. It's closing in on ten, which is my bedtime! Especially because I have to be at work a little early tomorrow. But I'm thrilled to be recapping this was so much fun, and so filled with all different kinds of love.

August 17, 2008


My weekend has been really very good. I say this and I look to the sky with big thanks. I have very much needed a nice relaxing fun and regular weekend for quite some time now. And I finally got that.*Friday, I stayed home sick. Actually, I didn't stay home - I tried to go in, and couldn't even make it to my office. I don't want to talk about it but it was sure that I was sick and needed to go back home. Friday night, Craig had his fantasy football draft, and I served him platefuls of Nina's pizza slices and poured him Svedka cocktails with Sprite while he spent a couple of hours selecting his team. I watched "Weeds" for the first time - Craig has been telling me how good it is, and really, it is really a good show. I'm much more into it than I expected I'd be. Mary Louise Parker is amazing, and the storyline is so quirky and engaging. We have it on Netflix but it isn't one of the picks for soon - I think I'm going to move it up. Then Saturday morning we woke up pretty early and headed to our respective pampering appointments - I got my toes done by a really gentle and careful Asian man (best pedicure yet!!) and Craig got his hair cut. After that, we headed together to the subway and traveled the quick, wonderfully easy trip to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There, we just walked and walked...probably walked for about 3 hours before deciding on a place for lunch called Juliette. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with smoked mozzarella, prosciutto, Jalapeno and on a crusty ciabatta roll, and Craig ordered a less tasty burger (I felt bad because my sandwich was so amazing!!) - then we headed back to our feet to walk some more. We returned to Radegast Hall for a beer but the place was swamped and they were severely understaffed, so then we traveled back to Manhattan to do some Alphabet City wandering. Alphabet City is just so unique, and being there is like experiencing an older version of New York, in my mind anyway. We found a few beers at a few bars, one bar in particular that we loved called Ten Degrees (nice mature atmosphere and Buy One Get One Free beers, awesome!) and then we headed to a sake bar called Decibel. It was so much fun...what a quirky little spot! And it's very difficult to find - it's somewhat hidden. We polished off the night with some sushi at Jewel Bako, but by this time, we had consumed enough beer and sake that we were demolished and ready to return home. Today we woke up around 9, showered and went for brunch at D'Alsace in the neighborhood. I ate Eggs Benedict and Craig tried the Apple Pancakes and we ordered fresh fruit and coffees. After brunch, I left Craig to spend time at the apartment and traveled to 59th and Lex to find some new clothes for this coming weekend when we head to Indianapolis for Corey and Brooke's wedding. Shopping so sucks. I mean, if there were decent clothing anywhere to be found it would be one thing. But no, instead I'm overwhelmed with loud printed strangely cut blouses and hideous pants and skirts - what is going on??? Anyway, I tried Urban Outfitters on 3rd Ave - usually a standby, for me. Nothing. Then I went to Banana Republic and luckily found a cute skirt and shirt for the Rehearsal Dinner and after party Friday night. I tried Levi's Store to no avail and then resigned myself to Bloomingdale's, which seriously has nothing but overpriced tags. I gathered approximately 20 dresses in my arms to try on, and the above shown is the end result. It's cute...and Craig likes it (I modeled it for him when I got home) but what a freaking headache to get to that point! And I will never admit to anyone (except to Craig, who almost fell off the couch in shock) what I paid for this thing. It's embarrassing. But, the thing is, I liked it the best and truthfully, right now I'm financially sound enough to go through with such a purchase. And I have been stressing about what to wear to this wedding for too many weeks, so now it's resolved.*I don't remember if I ever posted about the moving day and what happened in the old apartment when my friend Amanda tried to help move stuff from our closets to the new apartment. She called me up (I was at the new place) and said, "KB, there is another closet that I can clean out for you, if you want..." and I practically shouted with severity, "DON'T GO IN THERE!!" When I headed back over to the old place, she and Lauren were sitting on the couch taking a break and I said, "Amanda, aren't you DYING to open that closet, after the way I reacted to you?" and she was laughing and said, "Yes, I'm pretty much wondering if there are dead bodies in there..." I explained that I had like FIVE bridesmaids dresses stocked in there, and that more than likely I would not be moving those but would be depositing them at the nearby Good Will. That prompted a whole conversation about bridesmaids dresses and how funny it is that EVERY single bride, no matter who she is or how smart or how fashionable, will always, always stake the claim that "you can wear the dress again!" oh, oh, as if any bridesmaids dress is suited for anything other than someone else's Big Day. Of course there is that movie out now with Katherine Heigl about being in 27 weddings, none her own, and despite the fact that the movie itself isn't the best, I do laugh at how useless it is for a girl to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a dress that is clearly meant to look hideous in order to help the bride shine, as if she won't already, in her newly wedded bliss! But nothing will change...those dresses are constantly not re-wearable. How I got to all of this is that the dress shown above is surely a dress I can re-wear - Craig said, "When we go to a club..." (cute - we don't go to clubs).*I'm so happy to have had a decent weekend. I feel stronger already, as if taking a few pivotal steps toward my betterment has begun to interact with my mind at last. I hope to see even greater improvement as time passes.*This week will fly by - tomorrow we are seeing a Pre-Season Giants Game at the Meadowlands, and Wednesday is our last day of work for the week before our trip to Indianapolis. Thursday, when we land, we are driving straight to Bloomington to meet the newest addition to the Kristin string of nephews, Jay Rhoda, the newborn son of my best college friend Jenny who is the one who got married the year we moved to New York City. Then we will head back to Indy and spend some time with Kara and Ben and Brady. Thursday night we might meet Craig's friends out, and Friday we hope to have lunch with Tim, Angela and their baby Ryan. Friday evening is the Rehearsal Dinner, and Saturday is the wedding...Sunday we see my parents and brother and blood nephew and Sunday evening we return home. It's a lot of stuff to cram into a weekend, but it's good for us to get back to the people who love and miss us. Sometimes I wonder why we don't just move back home, but then again, our situation has been unique. We've seen and done a lot, and in such a short time. So we will keep loving those that we love and hope we aren't far from their minds.*

August 13, 2008


Back when we went to see some MLB statues, I shot way too many photographs of Radio City Music Hall. I'm not sure why, other than the fact that the exposed neon in the signage is interesting and old school to me. But we have not been, and I don't know that we will make it to this venue to see a show ever. It would be nice, though. I've heard it's somewhat legendary.*Today was really, really, really good. I laughed a lot. I smiled and felt it from my toes. My face wasn't aching from faking an expression like pleasure, which has happened more recently more often than I wish to admit. Good day. I called my mom and told her and she was happy. Today I excelled at work, which helped, and additionally, I felt witty again. I haven't felt that sensation in a while, where there are things just brewing inside of me waiting to be said, funny things that people want to hear and want to throw out response. It was good. Good day.*I came home tonight and whipped up some mushroom pasta, and although it was runny tonight (too many mushrooms yielding too much liquid), it was tasty and with the green beans with sea salt and seasoned pepper, and garlic bread that I made myself, we had a nice meal. Now Craig is eyeing work papers he brought home, and I am half-listening to the Olympics that are on. I will say that I am upset that another dish possibly broke in the dishwasher. What is up? This dishwasher seems to really toss glass around. I have lost two wine glasses in there, and tonight there are no wine glasses so I can safely assume I lost a pint glass or a plate??? I am not sure why. Perhaps the water pressure is too intense for the size of the thing, which really only holds like 3 dishes total (slight exaggeration). Or perhaps my dishes are too fragile. Wouldn't be the weirdest thing in the world, seeing as they belong to me.*The couch is on the radar. I think we're targeting September to place the purchase. Once purchased, we're 8 weeks out from receiving it. That will seem to take forever to pass, that time. But once that couch is here, oh, the naps that will be ours!!*Cheers to a great day for me, today.

August 10, 2008


We've had a good weekend. Thank goodness. I needed it so badly - I can't even begin to explain. Friday night I made Penne Vodka and asparagus and we sipped Pom Acai Vodka cocktails with Sprite and lime and watched the Opening Ceremonies in Beijing - Olympics 2008. We were stunned at the varying and unique qualities of the performances. Gorgeous displays, very impressive. Saturday we ate bagels and watched more Olympics, lazed around, then decided, on a whim, to go to Radegast Hall in Williamsburg. First of all, how brilliant how close to us this bar is. We took the 4 to Union Square and transferred to the L for a few stops and before a half an hour had passed, we were walking down the peculiar and artsy and strange Bedford Ave in Williamsburg. Anyway, we weren't supposed to spend any money this weekend but we wound up having a really fun time here. What a place doesn't do it precise justice - it's a killer beer garden with heavy long benches as I'd imagine German beer gardens to have, a roof with wide openings in it to let in the gorgeous sunlight, and despite the fact that it's new (opened in 2007), the interior of the beer garden room itself is beat up to look hundreds of years old. Very cool. We met about 8 guys from St. Louis who are about 4 years younger than us (all of them went to Indiana!!! Craig was outnumbered greatly by Hoosier alum) - talked to them for a long time, then met 2 girls prior to feeling dizzily overserved and heading home. It was so much fun - and I really like the anonymity of meeting people in bars, having good times with them and then not worrying about maintaining long-term obligations to them as friendships. There's just a carefree youth to it. And in this City and in this day, it's too complicated to have too many relationships. I am content with the close friends I already have.*Today we woke up pretty early and decided to walk to the Park. We've been very good, more recently, about going to the Park. However, the weather didn't prove to be as sunny as we hoped, so we returned to our part of the neighborhood and ate burgers at Genesis. We haven't been the healthiest in terms of our diet recently, but that's a result of more things than I care to disclose. I'm coming back to earth and feeling better, gradually, and feeling more like getting back into my kitchen routine and into the Nikon again and into everything, in general. It took some time, is all.*I'm trying to debate when to purchase the couch. It could happen in two weeks, but maybe more comfortably could happen in early September. The kicker to this is that we will have to wait 8 weeks for it. That's a drag. But when it comes, oh, to own something I'm proud to own.*Football is coming. August is rolling along. I will never forget the hard lessons life taught me in these past two weeks. I am happy to be rising back to the surface again. I feel like there is someone watching over me, and I am eternally grateful to that spirit. Fragililty is dangerous. Not taking proper measures to ensure stability is hazardous to the health. I'm coming back strong - the smart, able and willing and kind individual I've always aimed to be. And I'm not letting that go. I just hope it works.*

August 07, 2008


It's been a while since I've felt like posting. In fact, I don't even really feel like it right now, but the thing is, maybe it will yield positive outlook. The past couple of weeks have left me sore and prone to heartbreak. I think sometimes life cycles itself that way depending on your level of tolerance. Mine, it turns out, is quite low, and I've reached limits like I never have before in my life. But things are on the up, and that's what counts.*Above is the view from our bedroom. Even this window provides more light than any of the windows in our old apartment. It's nice to have so much light. The week has rushed past - we went to see Eddie Vedder twice this week, once Monday night, on a whim because I found last minute tickets, and the second time Tuesday night, both shows at the United Palace up at 175th and Broadway. It might seem like a bigger hike than it actually night, we took a 10-minute cab ride from 96th and 2nd (because the bus was taking forever to arrive so we bailed on it) and the next night we traveled straight from work, taking subways. The Monday night show, the one we hadn't planned to attend but did, was actually the better of the two. Eddie was with it, mastering every lyric he sang and every instrument he played. Our seats were pretty far back on the floor, but the theater is ornate and amazing and the sound as good. Tuesday was the night we had planned ahead to attend, and Eddie was a little drunk on wine, sometimes forgetting lyrics, but it still rocked. Wednesday morning I flew to Indianapolis for a 1-day training seminar, flying back the same evening. That was something I'd rather not re-live, for reasons I'd rather not say. And today is Thursday already. I made a pistachio pesto, the first dinner I've cooked in almost two weeks, and it was pretty good. I also made asparagus and Craig commented on how green our dinner was.*On the plane ride home yesterday, I flipped through the Atlantic Special Fiction Issue 2008. I found this story called "Nine" by Aryn Kyle (an author I do not know). It is really a beautiful and touching story, almost too good to just appear in an issue of the Atlantic. The main character is Tess, a girl who's about to turn 9. She's got more issues than a girl three times her age, but they're all inside her head. She thinks raw things and lies and feels belittled by moments. She's a pretty smart character for the fact that she's confused. Anyway, I was sitting next to two really artificial women while I read this story en route home, and I suppose that contributed to how much I could appreciate the delicate nature of the young Tess in the story. I'm rarely judgemental and I'm sure these two women were nice enough, but the glisten off of their fake tans and the glare off of their unnaturally shaped manicured nails had me feeling slighted and equally annoyed. I suppose we all seek something.*I'm hoping that this weekend is okay. We don't have plans, which lends for a good time to just curl up in a corner of the apartment and enjoy our rent's worth of it. We have some DVD's to watch, and I have some writing to do. Sharon is in Pennsylvania all next week so I have an extended period of time to get her something (after being so delinquent). But really, really, it's just about continuing on and making sure life doesn't one up me. Maybe I will mess with the Nikon. Maybe I will cook a thing or two.*