February 03, 2010


This is that really lazy point where I don't remember and don't feel like checking back to find if I've posted this Paris photo yet, but I'm nearly positive I have not yet. I still miss Paris. I miss that feeling that something new and beautiful is just around the corner waiting for me to see it. And I feel that this old Metro stop is apropos since tomorrow I start class - hey, I'm all metro, studying art in NYC. :) No, really though, this feels nerve wracking, fun, frustrating and fulfilling all at one time. I'm nervous to try to live back up to where I once thought my potential had reached, doing design stuff. Fun - what could be more fun than having the most artistic inspiration, anywhere (well, except for maybe in Europe!) at the very near and far reaches of my eyes, living in this enigmatically visually stimulating town?? Frustrating...well, I hate that it's taken so many ugly hits in my current career to drive me back to study something that I left behind. It's frustrating that I am going to slink into a classroom tomorrow having earned a BFA and my own show at IU in this subject, and now I'm resigning to achieving a certificate in the same thing. But what's fulfilling, aside from the fact that I've already consumed a good portion of Josef Albers' Interaction of Color, and have actually absorbed the information! (I sucked so badly at Color Theory at IU - my heart was off chasing Catherine Bowman and her poetry workshops), is that unlike at IU, I think I'm really looking forward to my visual self and what my assignments can do with my ability to see. I will definitely be refreshing myself (and even learning new!) on software programs. I have not one, but two computers now, at my very fingertips. I feel differently now - I'm closing in on 33 and I want my life to unfold like a brilliant sunset, where colors and light and dark and myself converge to form something whole. So, here I go, off to find that girl who once loved art more than life itself - paints, pens, blank pages, layered type. I'm avoiding printing press courses this time around. :) I've got my eye on a book cover design course, although, I'm not sure how often it's taught (I can't fit it in this semester.) I have a portfolio to build! Maybe I can network at my day job if I get the chance, and then both my studies and my day job can come together in a tidy little package. I have chances ahead. I hope to use them wisely.*Tonight, soon, we're grabbing a cab to go to the Upper East Side - time to drop off rent, and visit Nina's. I love where we live now, but the old neighborhood is never far from my heart.*Cheers, sante, to tomorrow night, my first class in what I hope to be a long line of successful ones.