November 06, 2017


desktop circa 2017: paintbrushes, paint cup, lamp and more

I don't know. 

Is that a fair assessment for today?

My Dad was in town this weekend - he arrived Thursday, and you'd think that with me living in this fine town called New York City that I'd whirl him around: museums, restaurants, ferry rides, World Trade Center tour: maybe we'd visit my various construction projects, maybe we'd hit the coffee shops and bars I frequent in Manhattan?

But we didn't. I couldn't do it. I wanted to keep us safely limited to my safe haven of Forest Hills, the new place I have grown to call home (which, to many, is a respectably comfortable place to live.)

I probably had one of the best weekends I've had in a very long time.

You see, my Dad is my best friend.

Having a best friend (owning the honor of having one) is a major life pleasure. 

I've probably always "had" a "best friend" (?) but have never, to the full extent, acknowledged and understood the meaning of that, until realizing (in my later years) that my Dad is the Real Deal.

My Dad just gets me. Okay Internet? He doesn't balk if I don't shower. He doesn't trash talk at me for the amount of wine I drink (although we admittedly know it's an issue, and one I'm working to curb.) He doesn't tell me to take out the overflowing trash if that becomes an issue in the apartment, he doesn't ask me to shut off the numerous Beirut videos I play on repeat for the 8 year-old who is rapidly becoming my (cough) "step-son." (Cough, and explosive expletives.) (And smiles.)

He holds my hand. He plays board games with me. He confides in me. We joke, and laugh, and high five and mock things that are mock-worthy.

I have never known a soul as close to mine. He's perfectly arranged, chemically, to be my best friend. Well, and biologically, since he's my Dad. :)

He got to spend a lot of quality time with Jon (and Fitz.) I hold that sacred. 

I realize life carries various figurative sidewalks and off beaten paths and currents: ebbs, flows, waxes and wanes: navigation points we don't always cherish or realize or even want to travel.

But what I do know after this weekend? I can't be more blessed to have that father in my life. And I know he won't live forever - but he will in my soul.


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